Nagbabaga! Tokyo Tokyo’s Godzilla Burger

Tokyo Tokyo’s the last place I think about when I want a burger. But, alas, they now serve burgers. Oh, did I say burgers? Sorry. I meant bagas, if we’re taking a leaf out of Daniel Matsunaga’s ad for the product.

Tokyo Tokyo Godzilla Burger

Tokyo Tokyo offers three different burgers: the Shogun Burger (Php 95), the Shiitake Mushroom Burger (Php 95), and the Godzilla Burger (Php 130). Decided to go for broke today and ordered the Godzilla Burger, the largest of the bunch with “double premium beef patties with zesty Japanese mayo and slices of cheddar cheese”.

So, my order came and…holy mother of god! It was one hefty burger:

Tokyo Tokyo Godzilla Burger

Thanks to the mayo they use, the burger tastes distinctly Japanese. But who am I kidding? Spread that Japanese mayo Tokyo Tokyo uses on anything and it will taste distinctly Japanese. The good news is that even without the Japanese mayo, the burger is surprisingly good. Well, they are actually pretty great as far as fast food burgers go.

I actually like the patties on the Godzilla Burger better than McDonald’s or Jollibee’s – they were fuller, heftier, and beefier. I really like the fact that when they slapped “premium patties” on their ads, they actually tried to make them taste good. On top of that – something I really didn’t expect – the buns on my burger were nicely toasted! It’s really something you don’t see every day in this country of ours where the buns du jour are the soft, white, squishy variety. While not necessarily a prerequisite to burger greatness, nicely toasted buns, for me, adds a little something to the overall flavor and burger-eating experience. Oh, they didn’t skimp on the sesame seeds either. Just saying.

So, Tokyo Tokyo now joins the legions of restaurants serving burger here in the Philippines. And guess what? *drum roll* Their burgers are good! *applause applause* Well, at least the one I tried was good. But it’s enough to make me want to try the other burgers on their menu.

Burgers from a Japanese restaurant…who would’ve thunk?