Sauteed chickpeas

Sauteed chickpeasChickpeas are one of my go-to food items any time I feel like pretending that I’m a healthy eater. They’re good in salads and rice, and hummus is always a joy to eat. I make sure that the hummus I make is especially garlicky, and I could always eat it on its own, even without bread or crackers.

I was feeling hungry the other night, but I didn’t want to eat anything particularly heavy. So I opened up a big can of RAM Garbanzos, tossed the contents into a pan, and then prepared the following:

  • parsley
  • ground coriander
  • a small red onion
  • black pepper

There’s no magic or science to the process. Just heat up the chickpeas in olive oil, toss them around for a bit, then throw in the rest of the ingredients. The result: a simply, yummy, satisfying meal.