Where we’ve been eating lately

But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped eating in different places. We haven’t had a chance to blog as much lately, but we’re still enjoying different eating places such as the following:

Q-kebab. Okay, so we’ve eaten there a number of times already. Their meals are delightful. I tend to order the Q-kebab Basmati Bowl and Tj likes their chicken shawarma. Next on our list: the Lamb Rice Bowl and the Kofta Bowl.

Chef Diego’s Lord of the Wings. The name made us laugh appreciatively the first time we saw it. We only actually ate there just last week after a trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. We ordered a pitcher of red iced tea, honey barbecue wings, and…beef steak. Everything was YUMMY, and we certainly didn’t expect to be amazed by the beef steak–it was perfectly tender and, well, just really highly recommended. We will definitely return.

Paire Cocktails and Pastries. I had sampled their hot chocolate at an event and found out where the restaurant is located. I’m sorry to say I forgot the exact names of what my mother and I ordered, but she had beef salpicao and I had fish. Both were pretty good. We probably should have tried the desserts paired with the recommended cocktails–which is what Paire is all about–but we’re not at all big on cocktails anyway.

Relish: Hello, Happiness! I was aimlessly driving around and passed through the Scout area; Relish is located along Scout Limbaga. I took my mother there a couple of days later. Very pretty interior, and the food is somewhat pricey, but nicely portioned. It looks like a great place for tea, and it just so happens that they offer afternoon tea, too.

At Relish, Hello Happiness!

Kulpy Chicken. Located along Holy Spirit Drive in Quezon City, this place offers affordable, delicious chicken, to put it simply. Tj had the seasoning chicken and I had the honey crispy chicken, which was pretty spicy. This post over at Writings and Rantings has more pics of the food and the place.

Pio’s Kitchen. My yoga classmates like it when we get together for lunch every now and then, and I join them from time to time. A couple of weeks ago, we had lunch at Pio’s Kitchen along Scout Fernandez. It’s basically a house made for private dining; there’s an upstairs dining area which could only accommodate you and whoever you’re with. You have to make reservations five days in advance. Pio is named after St. Pio of Pietrelcina, so please don’t make the same mistake I did; the chef is Chin Gallegos and her boyfriend Mon opened the door for me, so I asked him, “Are you Pio?” Heh.

The meal started with a pitcher of sangria and freshly baked oregano pandesal with three kinds of spreads. Chef Chin surprised us with gazpacho afterwards.

Pio's Kitchen: oregano pandesal and gazpacho

The rest of the meal was insanely filling: Ubod ng Sarap salad, which features alfalfa sprouts, ubod, orange slices, and mango; Roasted Rosemary Chicken, which was probably among the most nicely cooked chicken I’ve had in a while, and the sweet potato was lovely, too, and; Paella Negra, which I didn’t have because I’m allergic to squid. But everybody loved it.

Pio's Kitchen: ubod ng sarap salad, roasted rosemary chicken, paella negra

We then had dalandan and mint granita, which was tasty and refreshing. Dessert was Churros with a Twist, the twist being that it’s made of puff pastry and filled with manchego.

Pio's Kitchen: dalandan and mint granita and churros with a twist

So that’s only a small helping of what we’ve been stuffing ourselves with. Hopefully, we will be able to blog more often soon.