Katsu Cafe

Food trends tend to catch on easily here in the Philippines. We’ve gone through pearl shakes, Korean fried chicken, cookie butter–and that’s just to name a very few. In recent years, people have fallen more in love with the katsu, and this is one trend that I’m definitely into, having often ordered tonkatsu or chicken katsu from Japanese restaurants since I was a kid.

Tj and I have enjoyed katsu from Yabu before, but we’re not ashamed to admit that the price is keeping us from eating there more often. Enter Katsu Cafe, a nice little Japanese restaurant just off Katipunan Avenue.

Katsu Cafe, Katipunan, Quezon City

Here, we got a pretty substantial chicken katsu set, complete with cabbage salad with sesame dressing, rice, and miso soup for P195. Before the meal got to the table, we got a bowl of sesame seeds to crush and drench with sauce.

Katsu Cafe, Chicken Katsu

The chicken katsu was nicely fried and sufficiently tender, and it’s sure to satisfy any katsu craving you might have. They serve a whole lot more than katsu, though, so we’ll definitely back to sample other dishes they have to offer.

Katsu Cafe is at 329-I Katipunan Ave. corner B Gonzales, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Heat and eat: Our Kitchen

Since Almost Gourmet stopped serving packed lunches for delivery, I’ve been…sad. I’ve been asking similar food delivery services if they deliver to my area, and usually, the answer is no. Good thing I finally decided to check out Our Kitchen along Examiner Street in Quezon City. I’ve been seeing their place for a long time and always wanted to know what they offered, and I’m glad I dropped by. I picked up this nifty little package of beef with mushroom, good for two people and priced nicely at P170.

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

All you need to do is just pop the bowl in the microwave and you’ve got a hot meal. The food tastes nice and fresh, and the serving is just right. This is absolutely wonderful for people who have no time to cook and don’t want to go for fast food.


Zigla logoTj and I never know what to do when we go to Robinsons Magnolia, but we’re glad we checked out the food court yesterday because we stumbled upon a gem: Zigla! which boasts healthy food with organic ingredients. They offer rice dishes, pasta, wraps, juice blends, and even a variety of bread and cookies.

I ended up ordering the grass-fed beef with black rice and teriyaki sauce, and Tj asked for their free-range chicken with black rice and barbecue sauce. Each dish costs P199 and has only 300 calories. Apparently, Zigla! serves food unsalted, but you can ask them to salt your food if you want. Our food took a few minutes to prepare. It was then served to us wrapped in parchment paper. Nice and simple presentation right there.

Zigla! e.c. beef

Zigla! e.c. chicken

If you’re planning on getting this, be warned: the portions are very small, exactly what 300 calories look like, to be honest. So why should you pay P199 for what looks like a tiny amount of food? It’s the quality and the ingredients you’re paying for here, not quantity. And we’re definitely not going to complain about the quality. We got good, no-frills food, and nothing tasted overly seasoned and heavy. The food also teaches you to really savor what you’re eating, not wolf it down.

Next on our list: the wraps!