Marcia Adams’ Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I headed to Tagaytay specifically to have lunch at Marcia Adams’ Restaurant. The restaurant is actually in Alfonso, Cavite, and it’s pretty easy to get to. You simply have to drive along Aguinaldo Highway, turn right at the arch with the pineapples, and drive several meters. Marcia Adams is on the left side, and you’ll know it by the brown wooden door with the blue trim and the lion’s head knocker.

People are in love with Marcia Adams’ Restaurant because the place has a rustic country charm that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Tuscany. Okay, personally, I wouldn’t know, never having been to Tuscany. But I did like how the place looked, with its interesting decor, stone walls, huge windows that open out to views of far-off hills, and outdoor seating.

Marcia Adams Restaurant

Marcia Adams Restaurant

Marcia Adams Restaurant

The minimum price at Marcia Adams is P700, which already gets you an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Salads and drinks cost extra, and you have to add P75 if you’re getting other types of desserts. Take a look at their latest menu.

My mother ordered the Amalfi prawns and the fish souvlaki (tanigue).

Marcia Adams Restaurant, Amalfi prawns

Marcia Adams Restaurant, fish souvlaki

She was thrilled with the taste and texture, and was satisfied with the amount of breading. About the fish, I wish I could get anything more out of her than, “Oh, this is really good.” But that should be enough to tell you that it’s a tasty dish.

I ordered the soup of the day, which is Galician soup, and the Corsican beef stew.

Marcia Adams Restaurant, Galician soup

Marcia Adams Restaurant, Corsican beef stew

The soup was blazing hot and ridiculously delicious, and all the meat makes the whole thing extremely filling. I had to leave some of it uneaten so I could make room for the actual meal. The Corsican beef stew was amazing: really tender beef, rich sauce, and an incredible mix of spices.

We rounded out our meal with dessert: my mother chose the banana split with chocolate ice cream, which wasn’t like your typical banana split. Her dessert featured a banana sliced in half and still in its skin, drizzled with Nutella liqueur, with a scoop of ice cream.

Marcia Adams Restaurant, banana split with chocolate ice cream

I decided to pay the extra P75 for the lavender creme brulee. It was pretty rich, but the lavender and the mint leaves made it more refreshing.

Marcia Adams Restaurant, lavender creme brulee

With the incredible setting, quiet area, and great food, Marcia Adams’ Restaurant is perfect for a nice quiet lunch or maybe even a small party. Make sure to text them at 09178011456 first to reserve a table 24 hours before you go there. Marcia Adams’ Restaurant is at J.P. Rizal St., Brgy. Sikat, 4123 Alfonso, Cavite. E-mail them at

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Mr. Kimbob: Korean Health Food

I don’t know if this can actually be considered health food, but anyway, here’s a peek at the bibimbap we enjoyed a couple of days ago from Mr. Kimbob at the SM Fairview food court. The combo meal came with a Coke and a plate of chapchae. A regular plate costs P99, and a large one costs P119. The regular combo’s like P145, and I forgot how much the large combo costs.

Mr. Kimbob, bibimbap

It is an insane amount of yummy food. Don’t try to be a hero. Split it with someone else.