Healthy Monsters

I’m not much of a cook, mainly because I’m lazy, so I’m always looking for prepared meals. It broke my heart when Almost Gourmet stopped offering individual meal packs for pickup or delivery because it meant I was out of an option for healthful ready-to-eat meals.

But just recently, I stumbled upon Healthy Monsters (@healthymonstersph) on Instagram. They deliver fresh salads with homemade dressing in jars, and you have to order a minimum of six 720 ml jars at P190 each. Right now, four salads are available: Asian, Fiesta, Walnut, and Chia. They deliver only to Mandaluyong, Makati, Ortigas, San Juan, Pasig, and the Fort. Being from Quezon City, I naturally wondered how I could have some of these salads and was able to make an appointment to pick up them up in Greenhills.

And here are two of the salads!

Healthy Monsters salads

Healthy Monsters salads

I’ve only had the Walnut Salad so far, and I have to say that it’s pretty darn delicious–nice rich dressing, plenty of greens, a hearty amount of nuts, and a sprinkling of cheese. Given that first taste, I’m already confident that the others are great, too. I’ll definitely be ordering again. The distance is a bit of a drive, so next time I order, I’ll make sure to pick the salads up on a day when I’ll be in the area.