A gift from the heavens: Hormel 50% Less Fat Real Bacon Bits

Hormel 50% Less Fat Real Bacon Bits I love bacon. I am mad about bacon. I would eat bacon every day if I could, and if I ever encountered a breakfast buffet that includes a pan of refilling bacon, I would go out of my way to be at that buffet as often as I can. That’s why I look forward to doing a comparison of the way bacon is treated in local restaurants; for the most part, restaurants here appear to just slap them onto a pan for a few minutes then lay them on a sandwich, looking like a sad, pale lump of meat. I like my bacon dark and crispy.

But I will go into greater detail of my love for bacon in a future post. The star of this particular post is an amazing discovery I unearthed at the supermarket: Hormel 50% Less Fat Real Bacon Bits. It was a pleasant surprise to see that on a shelf normally featuring nothing but Bacos. At a price of P136 or $3.23, I felt it may be a worthwhile investment. So upon getting home, I popped that bottle open and inhaled—a seductive true bacon-y smell. Naturally, I had to sample it and the taste that met my mouth was awesome–real bacon, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, I wasn’t expecting it to be crispy. I look forward to drizzling it on top of salad or whatever cream-based pasta dish I’ll whip up.

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