A Taste of Honey in Tagaytay

Tj and I recently went on a quick getaway to Tagaytay. It was a much-needed break–we stayed at Wingate Manor where we went for a swim and got massages. The place was pretty nice. It didn’t have a view of the lake or the volcano, which is what many people seem to look for in Tagaytay hotels. But it was tucked some distance into Magallanes Drive, so it was nice and quiet.

On our way to Tagaytay, we had lunch at Army Navy in Solenad 2, Nuvali. Yeah yeah, we know Army Navy branches abound in Metro Manila, but we haven’t eaten there in a while. Once we got to Tagaytay, we hung around a bit at the hotel and went to Picnic Grove, which I haven’t visited before. The entrance fee was P50, which wasn’t bad, although we didn’t stay around too long and simply hiked around the place. Dinner was at Tootsie’s–I can never seem to go to Tagaytay without eating there–where we both had pasta and Allan’s Balsamico salad and skipped the Kangkong Malutong for the first time ever.

Breakfast the next day was at the hotel. It’s the typical breakfast you get in Philippine hotels. Tj had longganisa with egg and fried rice, and I had toast, bacon, and a sunny side-up egg. Breakfast was followed by a stop at Residence Inn Zoo, where we wondered if the cases which housed snakes used tempered glass. We also saw an albino python getting ready for its snack of souris blanc.

After spending a while driving around and trying to figure out where to eat, we decided to give A Taste of Honey a try, since we spotted it the previous night and wondered what they had. You can’t miss it–it’s right along the highway, some distance away from the road that turns off into Antonio’s and Breakfast at Antonio’s (boy, I hope that made sense).

A Taste of Honey RestoBar, Tagaytay City

The place was pretty roomy, and there was a stage located off to one side, so I reckon they play live music there at night. A display area right by the entrance showcases the products they have for sale, such as honey, vinegar, and honey wine.

A Taste of Honey RestoBar, Tagaytay City, inside

A Taste of Honey RestoBar, Tagaytay City, display area

A Taste of Honey has a pretty extensive menu–and their food mainly incorporates honey into the mix. Our server said their most popular dish is the honey bagnet, but we opted instead for their detox salad (P250) and their honey fried chicken (P365). We were served a small amount of their honey wine, which was sweet, as can be expected.

A Taste of Honey RestoBar, Tagaytay City; Detox Salad

A Taste of Honey RestoBar, Tagaytay City; Honey Fried Chicken

We were initially worried about being let down by the food, but that stopped when we saw the incredible size of the salad. The salad was composed of lettuce, singkamas, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and mangoes, and it came with a lovely kamias vinaigrette. The chicken was pretty awesome, as it was nicely fried and the honey flavor seeped through to the meat as well. The gravy was a great bonus. There was plenty of it to go around and it tasted somewhat buttery too. The meal came with individual bowls of hot bulalo soup. That was a great lunch, overall, and the nice view and cool air that day made the setting even better. We may be coming back here in the future to try their desserts, some of which were unavailable that day, as well as their other dishes.

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