A yummy crepe at Cafe Jolie

I’m currently in the U.S. where I’ll be writing about as much food as I can, leaving Tj back home to write about whatever he’ll be munching on. Just a few days ago, my sister took me to have some dessert at Cafe Jolie in Manhattan, New York. The place is not fancy-schmancy, but it’s simple and charming, and it’s also known for it’s low-fat, organic ice cream. We opted to have a crepe, though, and chose the Decadent, a crepe filled with strawberries, banana, and Nutella.

Decadent, Cafe Jolie, Manhattan, New York

Decadent, Cafe Jolie, Manhattan, New York

I really love how the Nutella didn’t overpower the entire thing compared to a crepe I had at Le Creperie which was not only filled with Nutella, but heavily topped with it as well. I’m hoping to return to Cafe Jolie again at some point and see what their ice cream’s like as well.

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