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On what was probably their fifth date as an official couple back in 2003, Tj and Lynn went to Mang Jimmy’s in Balara, Quezon City for dinner, during which they vacuumed up two meat dishes plus another one they got for free, a lot of rice, and a liter of Coca-Cola. Tj then turned to Lynn and told her, “You’re probably the only girl I know who eats that much.”

And thus, a relationship was truly born. Eight years and a combined 40 pounds later, we’ve decided to, well, create this blog to talk about any meals we’ve eaten. Yes, we know there are boatloads of Filipino food blogs already, but we’d love to throw in our own two cents on local restaurants anyway, and maybe even share some meals we made at home.

Please note that we will be featuring some places that may have already been discussed to death in other food blogs. We’ll put them here anyway if it’s our first time to visit that restaurant, and besides, updated information on restaurants that launched a year or so ago is always good.

We’re neither food critics nor chefs, nor do we have a diploma that proclaims that we’re among the world’s most respected experts in the field of food writing. We just love to eat, although probably not as much as we used to, because 20 pounds each in eight years? Really? That can’t be good. Still, we’re going to enjoy the meals we WILL eat and write about them here.

All photographs here are taken by us.

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