Almost Gourmet’s Chicken Potato Salad and Beef Burgundy

This week, Almost Gourmet’s menu included Chicken Potato Salad for Monday and Beef Burgundy, which contains “sirloin beef simmered in red wine and mushrooms”, for Tuesday. They hold up pretty well even after a couple of days stored in the fridge. I just got the chance to eat the beef today so that made for a nice lunch, along with the last couple spoonfuls of potato salad.

I have to say the Beef Burgundy was excellent–rich, meaty, flavorful, and were those bacon bits I saw? If so, they made the meal doubly delightful. The taste put me in mind of beef and ale pie, which you know I’m crazy about.

Beef Burgundy by Almost Gourmet

The potato salad was a simple treat with potatoes, pineapple tidbits, chicken, and lettuce.

Chicken Potato Salad by Almost Gourmet

I had the Baked Dory with Arugula for lunch yesterday, another excellent meal. Sadly, I didn’t get to take a picture because the food pretty much disappeared into my mouth in a flash.

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