Beef stew

Wow, we have not posted for a long time, but we’re back! It’s a new year and we’re looking forward to making and eating more food. Here’s today’s homecooked lunch: beef stew! I actually tried making this a couple of years ago. The result was fairly unsatisfactory, mainly because the whole dish didn’t taste like anything, but the beef was marvelously tender. Fortunately, today’s beef stew kicked that previous stew to the curb.

Beef stew


beef, cut into cubes
beef broth
red wine
Worcestershire sauce
thyme, salt, pepper

Feel free to play around with the amount. I never measure my ingredients and simply toss them all together in the pot or pan, most of the time.

Brown the beef, sprinkling in a bit of salt and pepper; toss in the onions after a few minutes. Prepare the broth by mixing the broth, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, thyme, salt, and pepper in a pot. Dice the potatoes and the carrots. I actually used frozen crinkle cut carrots, but fresh ones would be great.

Heat the broth, then toss in the beef and onions. Boil away for around 10 minutes, then throw in the potatoes and carrots; feel free to add more onions if you’d like. Stir the entire thing, season as you see fit, then cover and let simmer for, oh, however long it takes to achieve nice and tender beef. Enjoy!

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