Bodato Burgers

Sometime ago while driving along Visayas Avenue, the big green sign for Bodato Burgers caught my eye. You know what giant suckers we are for burgers, so I made a mental note to check them out when they’ve opened.

Bodato Burgers, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

So a few days ago, Tj and I decided to have lunch there. Parking is limited in that you have to share the space with other establishments. Also, don’t make the mistake of trying to open the door to get in–you have to order at the window. We chose the Beef Burger Deluxe (P139) and potato wedges (P45).

Seating area’s in the back, where you share space with an eatery called Kainan ni Doc May. We saw that eating place a long time ago, and we noticed it because it said they welcome pets. Makes sense–Doc May is a veterinarian and her clinic’s in the back of the eatery. She chatted with us while we were waiting for our food, talking about her medical missions for pets in different parts of the country. We couldn’t help but admire her commitment to her work.

After around 10 minutes of waiting, our burgers finally came out.

Bodato Burgers, Beef Burger Deluxe

The Beef Burger Deluxe is a modest-sized burger, and it contains tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, and chili. The chili is a welcome addition to the whole thing. We loved how the beef patty tasted–like real, honest-to-goodness beef. Mine got a bit too sloppy though, like the buns couldn’t hold in the beef, so I ended up with a chili-drenched plate and fingers. The potato wedges are wonderful, too. Nice, thick, and properly fried, plus they weren’t greasy and salty. We’re already looking forward to our next visit.

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