Boulevard Diner

We truly believe that burgers are best enjoyed big. So after seeing Boulevard Diner‘s rather meaty-looking burgers on Balitanghali the other day, we just thought, “We got to get us one of those.”

A hole-in-the-wall burger place along Xavierville Avenue in Loyola Heights, Boulevard Diner may seem a little cramped and that’s because it is. But believe us when we say that when the food you ordered gets served, the place’s size wouldn’t matter.

For our first visit, instead of picking their house favorites, we ordered the newer, yet-unnamed burger creations on their menu: the double bacon, Swiss brown mushroom cheeseburger with pan gravy and the grilled portobello mushroom cheeseburger with baby arugula.

But let’s begin with an appetizer: crosstrax fries (P110).

Fries and burgers are as inseparable as, say, Ron and Hermione. They just jive well. It’s such a shame if you miss their perfectly cooked, crispy, golden-brown crosstrax fries because they really taste as good as they look. We’ve been to quite a number of burger joints, and we can say that Boulevard Diner’s fries are among the best out there.

My grilled portobello mushroom cheeseburger with baby arugula (P270) followed shortly. Like many huge burgers served before it, seeing how big it was brought a smile to my face.

Who would’ve thought that grilled portobello mushroom and baby arugula would make great burger toppings? Apparently, someone at Boulevard Diner did. Portobello mushrooms have a rather strong earthy taste but it also tastes a bit beefy so I’m quite amazed with explosion of flavor in my mouth when I took my first bite and meat and (commonly used) meat substitute collided. It’s a really interesting burger especially if you’re looking for something different.

Lynn’s double bacon, Swiss brown mushroom cheeseburger with pan gravy (P215) may lie on the more traditional end of the spectrum but it’s far from what you would consider an ordinary burger.

Double bacon cheeseburger with Swiss brown mushrooms, Boulevard Diner

It’s not unusual to have bacon, mushroom, and cheese on burgers these days. But gravy on your burger? Lynn says that it’s a pretty fun thing to have; gravy instead of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard is a heavenly concept. So, yeah, she enjoyed it mightily.

We topped it all off with a glass of chocolate milkshake (P125). It was rich, absolutely chocolaty, and ridiculously thick. If we have one complaint, it’s that the straw they use isn’t big enough the efficiently funnel all that shake-y goodness to our mouths.

Overall, we had a fine time eating in Boulevard Diner. It’s good to see that there’s a burger place that’s shaking things up in burger joint scene in our country. There are quite a number of places that offer nice, big burgers. But if you want your huge burger with a twist, this is the place to go to.

Boulevard Diner
Address: 91 Xavierville Avenue Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Phone: 5045634
Web: Boulevard Diner on Facebook

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