Budget Meals: KFC Supreme Bowl

Here at TWAGM, we love great meals from anywhere and at any price, and we know that you can even get them from fast food places. Budget Meals is our brand-new section where we’ll be putting the spotlight on yummy meals from fast food places.

Let’s begin with KFC!

When KFC stopped serving their Italian Roma and Chinese Imperial rice bowl meals, a slight but lingering feeling of sadness gripped me. I’m not kidding. So, when I learned that KFC brought their Supreme Bowl meals back on their menu a couple of weeks ago, I was stoked.

They are currently offering Kung Pao Chicken and Chicken a la King and they are both priced at P90 a la carte and P100 with a regular drink.

The Kung Pao Chicken is the spiritual equivalent of the Chinese Imperial bowl that came before it. It’s the bowl that tastes “oriental” and spicy. It’s surprisingly flavorful and the spiciness is pleasant – this is really as oriental as you can get in KFC.

KFC Supreme Bowl Kung Pao Chicken

The Chicken a la King is the more “western” tasting bowl. The chicken fillets are covered with mushroom sauce with some diced carrots thrown in for effect. If they put some mushroom pieces, it could have passed as an authentic chicken a la king dish. Kidding!

KFC Supreme Bowl Chicken a la King

Both meals taste excellent. If you enjoy KFC or chicken meals in general, you’ll be delighted with them. To top it off, they are extremely filling. Some fastfood meals leave you wanting, but these rice meals are really worth the P100 you spend on them.

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