Carol’s Texan5

Ensogo Philippines is a godsend, as well as several other websites similar to it. I mean, who wouldn’t love getting a good deal (half-price off most things!) on food, beauty services, and other products? I got so thrilled at the prospect that I signed up for Ensogo a couple of months ago and gleefully browsed through their offerings. One of the deals I first spotted there offered a voucher for a place called Carol’s Texan5, located in Little Baguio, San Juan. The site promised “mouthwatering food and drinks,” so I promptly grabbed two vouchers and told Tj where we’re going for our next meal out.

Since I don’t really hang out in San Juan, I thought it would be hard to find the place coming from Quezon City, but we only really had to turn to Wilson Street, go straight, and be in Little Baguio within minutes. J. Abad Santos Street was even quicker to find, and immediately after turning right is the building that houses Carol’s Texan5. We got lucky on our first visit, since parking space was available. If you’re taking a car, you should know that there’s only about three slots available in front of the building, and the street’s pretty narrow. The restaurant is located on the second floor.

Inside, you place your order at the counter, and our chosen victims were the Texan Juicy Burger (P155) and the six-piece Dynamite Wings (P175).

The verdict: It’s simple, tasty food at a really good price. The burger was juicy, beefy, and no-frills. We liked that it wasn’t soggy, too, and the bun was nice as well; we think it’s a little like wheat bread. The wings were moderately spicy and there was plenty of sauce to go around, and the fries were thick and not too greasy.

Our second visit to Carol’s Texan5 had us order another round of the wings and the Texan Chicken Cheese Steak (P155), which had a pretty nice amount of onions and bell peppers. During our third and latest visit (but certainly not the last), we ordered the Texan Style Nachos (P145) and the Fish and Fries (P255).

There were a lot more nachos than we could handle, as it turned out, and we had to leave several pieces in the basket so we can properly tackle our meal. Two dips were available: a cheese dip and the salsa, which had some curiously spicy contents. A bit more beef would have been nice, but we had to make do with the ones in the cheese dip.

The fish and fries was a success in our book. The breading of the fish (two cream dory fillets, unless we’re mistaken) was nicely done, nothing like the crumbly breading you usually get in restaurants, and the fish was properly cooked and stayed juicy underneath the breading. The accompanying dip (tartar sauce?) complemented it nicely.

All in all, Carol’s Texan5 definitely knows how to serve up its offerings the right way, and for the quality of food, the price is unbeatable.

Carol’s Texan5
Address: 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St.
Barangay Little Baguio
San Juan, Metro Manila
Philippines 1500
Phone: +63 (2) 727-3843
Mobile: +63 (922) 485-0154
E-mail: orders[at]

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