Sweet Ecstasy

We first saw Sweet Ecstasy at Cubao X, and one of their signs promised that they serve the best burgers. I thought that was a bit strange; given the name “Sweet Ecstasy,” I’d expected them to serve cakes and cupcakes and, well, everything sweet. We had always planned to check it out, but we can’t usually be bothered to make our way to Cubao.

And then a couple of months ago, I found out that Sweet Ecstasy was coming to Regis Center along Katipunan, occupying the space that was previously occupied by Saint’s Alp Teahouse, if I remember correctly. I monitored their movements and was even aware of the days when they had stress tests and served free food. I couldn’t make it on those days, unfortunately, so I had to wait for their soft opening, when they would be open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

TJ and I finally made our way to Sweet Ecstasy last week. The space looked a bit industrial, and the menu was nice and basic: burgers, wings, different kinds of fries, softdrinks, and milkshakes.

Sweet Ecstasy

We kept our orders simple. TJ had a hamburger with caramelized onions (P175), I had a cheeseburger with fresh onions (P195), an order of Fantastic Fries (P80), a Coke, and a chocolate milkshake (P160).

Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy, hamburger

Sweet Ecstasy, cheeseburger

Sorry for the blurry pic!

It’s true. They really do serve the best burgers. The patties were truly beefy and nicely cooked and not at all perfectly formed, which is nice to see because they look handmade that way. The bread was lightly toasted and buttered, and the vegetables were crisp and fresh. Best of all, it was very filling. I would honestly go back to Sweet Ecstasy as often as I can, and I’m pretty happy that they start their regular hours this week, opening at 10 a.m. every day!

Bodato Burgers

Sometime ago while driving along Visayas Avenue, the big green sign for Bodato Burgers caught my eye. You know what giant suckers we are for burgers, so I made a mental note to check them out when they’ve opened.

Bodato Burgers, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

So a few days ago, Tj and I decided to have lunch there. Parking is limited in that you have to share the space with other establishments. Also, don’t make the mistake of trying to open the door to get in–you have to order at the window. We chose the Beef Burger Deluxe (P139) and potato wedges (P45).

Seating area’s in the back, where you share space with an eatery called Kainan ni Doc May. We saw that eating place a long time ago, and we noticed it because it said they welcome pets. Makes sense–Doc May is a veterinarian and her clinic’s in the back of the eatery. She chatted with us while we were waiting for our food, talking about her medical missions for pets in different parts of the country. We couldn’t help but admire her commitment to her work.

After around 10 minutes of waiting, our burgers finally came out.

Bodato Burgers, Beef Burger Deluxe

The Beef Burger Deluxe is a modest-sized burger, and it contains tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, and chili. The chili is a welcome addition to the whole thing. We loved how the beef patty tasted–like real, honest-to-goodness beef. Mine got a bit too sloppy though, like the buns couldn’t hold in the beef, so I ended up with a chili-drenched plate and fingers. The potato wedges are wonderful, too. Nice, thick, and properly fried, plus they weren’t greasy and salty. We’re already looking forward to our next visit.


I first heard about BurgerBar from a friend who attended their “Private Sneak Eat” event. She took a pic of the burger she ate, and I was immediately interested because her picture was very promising. I’m picky about my burgers, but I had to see if this place offers burgers that taste as good as they look. So I dropped by at Tj’s house and invited him to go for a drive, not telling him that I was planning on heading over to Greenbelt 2 to sample BurgerBar at last. We had previously agreed to try the place at a later date, but I just couldn’t wait anymore. We rarely venture out to Makati, so our trip’s a bit of an adventure, and it’s a good thing we went on a Sunday. Traffic jams were nonexistent and we arrived at Greenbelt 2 in under an hour.

We thought it would take us a while to find the place, but it was pretty easy to spot it, as it’s just on the ground level. A woman by the entrance greeted us and told us that they were still on soft opening and couldn’t accept credit cards yet, then led us to our seats.

Inside, BurgerBar is casual as heck.

BurgerBar, Greenbelt 2

BurgerBar, Greenbelt 2

BurgerBar, Greenbelt 2

Enough about that, though. The burgers are the real star of the show. I ordered a cheeseburger (P195) and Tj had The Piggy (P245 for the single patty version), which had gloriously crispy bacon.

Burger Bar, Greenbelt 2, cheeseburger

Burger Bar, Greenbelt 2, The Piggy

I watched Tj’s reaction as he bit into The Piggy. As he was chewing quietly, I asked, “So. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.” He looked up and answered, “9”, which is incredibly high praise. I bit into my cheeseburger and I have to give it the same rating. The burgers would have been a perfect 10 if they were bigger. But I can’t say enough about how amazing the burgers are. The patties are freshly ground and really, really beefy. The entire creation is deliciously greasy, and I actually felt quite sad when I reached the end of burger.

We also ordered skinny fries and onion rings. The fries were all right, and the onion rings looked and smelled nice, although I personally would have liked plain batter rather than a spiced, flavored one; Tj said the batter reminded him of Oishi chips, somehow.

But I CAN’T WAIT to go back to BurgerBar, and I already have my eye on the 4-Cheese Chuck, while Tj is thinking of getting their falafel burger. Good thing that my birthday’s coming up very soon–guess where I’m planning to have my birthday dinner?

Address: Ground floor, Greenbelt 2, Makati City
Phone: 625-2792
Mobile: 0917-5399661
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BurgerBarPH

Croc Burgers at Nueve Cafe

Lynn and I just had lunch but when I saw Nueve Cafe‘s sign, I immediately knew that I needed to check them out despite being full as hell. It’s not often that you come across a restaurant that serves something truly different like, you know, crocodile meat. Nueve Cafe’s first branch is in the Wilcon Builder’s Depot in Alabang, and the one we visited is on the ground floor of Wilcon City Center along Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. The crocodile meat is sourced from Tanay, Rizal.

While Nueve Cafe offers a variety of croc meals – from sandwiches to sisig – I decided to go for their Dundee Burger as it was the cheapest (Php90) and I really didn’t want to splurge on something I know absolutely nothing about.

Still, I have to admit that I haven’t been this excited about burger in a long time. What’s it gonna be like? Will I like it? Will I just puke it out? Who’s on top of the food chain now, crocodile?!

My order then came. I took my first bite. Then… chicken. Crocodile meat tastes like chicken. Only slightly blander. Which is quite good, actually, as I knew for certain that I wasn’t going to spew out anything afterwards.

Overall, the Dundee Burger is fairly good in my opinion. Very Filipino; the patty’s slathered with ketchup and mayonnaise and the burger has slices of cucumbers in it instead of pickles. But, ultimately, it’s nothing to write home about. Well, come to think of it, you did eat crocodile meat. Just focus on that.

We found the concept of serving crocodile-based dishes interesting, if a bit bold, since many people might shy away from eating crocodile. Fortunately, Nueve Cafe offers a whole lot more non-crocodile options and some tasty-looking desserts for the less adventurous.

McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty

We’ve noticed a steady decline in “beefiness” in McDonald’s burger patties, especially in the Quarter Pounder and the Big Mac, over the years and it is one of the reasons why Lynn and I don’t munch in McDonald’s as much these days. Well, that and the fact that there are now a ton of better burger joints around. Still, we come back from time to time probably just because we grew up eating McDonald’s and want to give it a chance to redeem itself, hoping things have improved. So, when we found out about the Big N’ Tasty, we decided to give it a try.

McDonald's Big N' Tasty

The Big N’ Tasty is McDonald’s answer to BK’s Whopper. To me, though, it’s like the love child of the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder:

McDonald's Big N' Tasty

Yup, those two did some freaky things in the kitchen alright and that slice of tomato is really just their last-ditch effort to try to cover up the fruit of their unholy union. The patty tastes like that of the Quarter Pounder of old and the toppings taste exactly like that of the Big Mac. It’s not really a bad thing as there’s finally a clear option if you can’t decide whether you want a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac; you get the best of both worlds!

While the Big N’ Tasty isn’t really a huge deviation from the established McDonald’s menu, it’s still a pretty welcome addition. Hey, at least there’s something new to choose in their menu. This is as good as it gets for fast food burgers.