Healthy Monsters

I’m not much of a cook, mainly because I’m lazy, so I’m always looking for prepared meals. It broke my heart when Almost Gourmet stopped offering individual meal packs for pickup or delivery because it meant I was out of an option for healthful ready-to-eat meals.

But just recently, I stumbled upon Healthy Monsters (@healthymonstersph) on Instagram. They deliver fresh salads with homemade dressing in jars, and you have to order a minimum of six 720 ml jars at P190 each. Right now, four salads are available: Asian, Fiesta, Walnut, and Chia. They deliver only to Mandaluyong, Makati, Ortigas, San Juan, Pasig, and the Fort. Being from Quezon City, I naturally wondered how I could have some of these salads and was able to make an appointment to pick up them up in Greenhills.

And here are two of the salads!

Healthy Monsters salads

Healthy Monsters salads

I’ve only had the Walnut Salad so far, and I have to say that it’s pretty darn delicious–nice rich dressing, plenty of greens, a hearty amount of nuts, and a sprinkling of cheese. Given that first taste, I’m already confident that the others are great, too. I’ll definitely be ordering again. The distance is a bit of a drive, so next time I order, I’ll make sure to pick the salads up on a day when I’ll be in the area.

Heat and eat: Our Kitchen

Since Almost Gourmet stopped serving packed lunches for delivery, I’ve been…sad. I’ve been asking similar food delivery services if they deliver to my area, and usually, the answer is no. Good thing I finally decided to check out Our Kitchen along Examiner Street in Quezon City. I’ve been seeing their place for a long time and always wanted to know what they offered, and I’m glad I dropped by. I picked up this nifty little package of beef with mushroom, good for two people and priced nicely at P170.

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

All you need to do is just pop the bowl in the microwave and you’ve got a hot meal. The food tastes nice and fresh, and the serving is just right. This is absolutely wonderful for people who have no time to cook and don’t want to go for fast food.

Almost Gourmet’s Chicken Potato Salad and Beef Burgundy

This week, Almost Gourmet’s menu included Chicken Potato Salad for Monday and Beef Burgundy, which contains “sirloin beef simmered in red wine and mushrooms”, for Tuesday. They hold up pretty well even after a couple of days stored in the fridge. I just got the chance to eat the beef today so that made for a nice lunch, along with the last couple spoonfuls of potato salad.

I have to say the Beef Burgundy was excellent–rich, meaty, flavorful, and were those bacon bits I saw? If so, they made the meal doubly delightful. The taste put me in mind of beef and ale pie, which you know I’m crazy about.

Beef Burgundy by Almost Gourmet

The potato salad was a simple treat with potatoes, pineapple tidbits, chicken, and lettuce.

Chicken Potato Salad by Almost Gourmet

I had the Baked Dory with Arugula for lunch yesterday, another excellent meal. Sadly, I didn’t get to take a picture because the food pretty much disappeared into my mouth in a flash.

Lunch packs from Almost Gourmet

Almost GourmetWhenever I’m really, really, really too lazy to do anything in the kitchen, I rely on Almost Gourmet for a good meal. Owned by Joyce Miranda Romualdez, Almost Gourmet promises to serve up great meals which are affordable, tasty, and come in reasonable servings. Patrons of the service include office workers who want a healthier alternative to pricey restaurants and not-so-healthy fast food outlets, but don’t have the time to fix up their own meals to bring to work, to people at home who simply want to have a yummy lunch or even dinner.

The meal packs are quite varied. They have various takes on seafood, beef, pork, and chicken, with the dishes being served with a helping of vegetables or your choice of white rice, brown rice, or garlic rice. Adding variety to the selection are numerous pasta dishes and salads, the latter of which is usually served with one of Almost Gourmet’s own line of dressings, called Algo Sexy Blends Dips and Dressings.

Apart from serving up meal packs, Almost Gourmet also makes huge batches of food that are perfect for parties. The company has also recently ventured into a new project: Algo Frost Bites Cook-It-Yourself. You can choose either Australian rib-eye or prime rib steaks with free mushroom gravy, or herbed chicken parmesan sticks with free honey mustard, as well as breaded fish sticks. Either way, you can have a quick, easy, and tasty meal once you’ve cooked them at home.

I started ordering from Almost Gourmet late last year when I first discovered the service, so I’ve tried quite a lot of the meals already. This week, I only ordered two: Garlic Beef Tapa (P140) on Tuesday…

Almost Gourmet, Garlic Beef Tapa

…and Tuna Lemon Cakes (P135) on Wednesday. This is one of my favorites.

Almost Gourmet, Tuna Lemon Cakes

As always, you won’t hear me complaining about the food. It’s nice and hearty and I really like the size of the servings: not too big, and certainly not inadequate. I absolutely approve of how brown rice is available as an option, too. I’ll be posting more Almost Gourmet meals here in the future, so keep an eye out for them!