Brasas: Latin American Street Food at the Podium

Lynn and I rarely visit The Podium. While it’s a fine and dandy place, we just don’t have any real reason to visit it when there are tons of other malls near our homes. But I guess that will soon change as Lynn found this little restaurant called Brasas.


Fun fact: “brasa” is Spanish for hot coal. So Brasas seems to be the perfect name for a restaurant that serves Latin American street food.

Anyway, if you’re like us who don’t really know much about Latin American street food, worry not as Brasas’ menu isn’t that hard to figure out. It’s basically divided into three categories: platters, wraps, and sandwiches. Nothing too exotic. You’ll feel right at home once you get to see what goes with what.

Anyway, Lynn and I were starving when we arrived at Brasas so we both wanted something hefty to eat. While their wraps and sandwiches looked enticing, it seemed like only something with rice can satiate our hunger. So, meat platters!

Lynn ordered their beef platter (P220):


And a cup of their house iced tea:


I had their chicken platter (P180):


And a glass of guarapo (sugar cane juice with mint and lime):


Both were substantial meals accompanied with South American slaw, chimichurri sauce, and a fried plantain chip. There’s not a whole lot we can say about what we ate–except that we really loved what we had because the portions were adequate and the meat was tasty. Lynn especially liked the beef because it was very tender, wondering if she could possibly replicate its taste and tenderness. I was expecting more heat and spice from the food, but it was all very good.

We basically mopped up our plates, not leaving a single crumb uneaten–that’s how much we loved our meals. It definitely looks like Brasas will have us coming back to The Podium more frequently than usual. We can’t wait to try everything else on their menu.