Cheesesteaks at Pat’s King of Steaks

On a recent visit to Philadelphia, my sister and I originally resolved to sample the cheesesteaks offered by Pat’s and Geno’s, which have been locked in a long-running rivalry for the title of best Philly cheesesteak, and in our minds and taste buds put the competition to an end once and for all. However, we ultimately decided not to go to Geno’s due to reports of racist graffiti decorating the place.

So off to Pat’s we went.

Pat's King of Steaks, Philadelphia

There was an almighty line when we got there, but apparently, they shot out the sandwiches so fast we got our cheesesteaks a mere few seconds after paying. We ordered cheesesteaks with onions and slathered in Cheez Whiz; the latter was quite a surprise, because we didn’t think the sandwich would work with Cheez Whiz.

Pat's King of Steaks, cheesesteak

Pat's King of Steaks, cheesesteak

I polished mine off very quickly. I did find my cheesesteak very tasty, but I have to admit that the meat wasn’t as flavorful as I would have liked it to be. I like it just fine, but I think I’ll try a bunch of other cheesesteaks to see how they all stack up.

KFC Tower Burger

If you think 3.5 inches is small, think again. KFC recently introduced their famed Tower Burger here in the Philippines and it is turning heads.

Cramming their Original Recipe fillet, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and one extremely crispy hash brown between two buns, KFC created one of the heftiest-looking fast food sandwiches your money can buy.

“Is it any good?” you ask. Well, it is. The crisped hash brown brings that extra crispiness and texture that you can’t possibly achieve by merely frying chicken. The hash brown doesn’t really add much to the flavor nor does it detract any. It’s really just there to make things crunchy. Flavor-wise, it’s your regular, run-of-the-mill chicken fillet sandwich… only a whole lot crispier.

Overall, I’m glad that KFC brought the Tower Burger here to the Philippines. It’s tasty, it’s hefty, and it’s pretty affordable at P110 ala carte/P140 with drinks and fries. Fast food meals don’t get any better than that.

A quick trip to Pancake House

I think I was in fifth grade when I first started eating in Pancake House along Quezon Avenue. That was in the early 90s. Since I was young, I always made it a habit to sample the spaghetti served by various restaurants, and I particularly liked Pancake House’s. It was nice and meaty and the garlic bread wasn’t bad either.

Today, Pancake House remains to be one of the restaurants I go to regularly, even if they’ve gone completely corporate and are part of the Pancake House Group. Miraculously, the taste of my old favorites have stayed the same. Their menu’s much more varied nowadays, and while I still love their spaghetti, it’s their grilled cheese sandwich that I order when I don’t feel like having anything fancy.

Grilled Cheese sandwich from Pancake House

Yep, this has that same familiar taste, and always with the lump of potato salad (which as you can see, I’ve sprinkled a lot of pepper on), three pineapple tidbits, and three small pickle slices. I tend to order this sandwich on wheat bread and without mayonnaise. This was lunch for today, along with one of the restaurant’s newer offerings, Mediterranean Pasta Salad, which consists of rotini pasta with a special dressing, bacon bits, olives, waffle croutons, lettuce, and topped with alfalfa. I was too hungry to take a photo of that, so I’ll just add the pic here the next time I have it, which is most likely soon. The salad is a nice meal in itself, hardly a starter, and the flavor’s pretty mild, without an overwhelming amount of dressing.

To my surprise, I wasn’t able to finish my meal, but hey, the leftovers made for a nice afternoon snack anyway.