Charlie’s Bowl

Chicken Charlie is currently one of our most visited eating places – they’re a long ways away from where we live but the food they serve makes the trip worthwhile.

For first-time visitors, we suggest Charlie’s Bowl for your first order. As the dish that bears their company’s name, it’s a great way to sample what they have to offer. At P59, you get an adequately sized bowl of rice generously topped with slices of their famed non-greasy, crispy fried chicken served with your choice of either their soy garlic or spicy sauce.

While the meal is pretty simple – it’s your typical kanin + ulam combo – it sets itself apart with its unique take on the humble fried chicken. Chicken Charlie claims to serve fried chicken that is perfectly non-greasy with a soul-satisfying crunch, and, in our opinion, they absolutely deliver. Their chicken is nicely fried, they are crunchy without excessive layers of flour, and they are surprisingly tasty even without condiments.

While fried chicken seems pretty trite an order especially when eating out, Chicken Charlie’s take on it ensures that though you are still just eating fried chicken, you are eating fried chicken with a delectable twist.

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