Dessert at Paradis Natural Ice Cream

After dinner last night, Tj and I sought out a good dessert option. We initially considered California Berry, but ended up at Paradis Natural Ice Cream (check out the feature on Paradis!), which we’ve been meaning to go to for a while now. The interior was nice and welcoming, and I had a blast trying out the Chili Chocolate and Saffron ice cream, which was spicy as hell and tasted a lot like a Mexican dish, plus the pumpkin one, which strongly put me in mind of soup. I eventually settled for chocolate and tomato ice cream, which was thick, rich, and creamy, with the tomato bits reminding me of cherry. Tj opted for a small serving of their Yolive, frozen yogurt with olive oil, topped with almonds, which was really delicious, to put it simply. We’re going back there again soon to sample the rest of their offerings, so check back again for a longer feature on Paradis!

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