Dinner with a friend

Recently, I hung out at my friend Jo’s house for a day of Wii, chit-chat, and dinner. The food is the particularly important part, since we’ve been talking about having a cooking party for the longest time, which we were finally able to have last December, even if it was just the two of us. My recent visit yielded quite a number of goodies, like Jo’s truffled mushroom fettuccine and toast with basil and tomato…

Truffled mushroom fettuccine and toast topped with tomato and basil

…an arugula salad with egg and fava beans…

Arugula salad with egg and fava beans

…and my own pizza, heaped with tomatoes, basil, Swiss brown mushrooms, and cheese on whole wheat tortillas by Village Gourmet.

Pizza with Swiss brown mushrooms, basil, and tomatoes

Village Gourmet does carry its own pizza crust, but it’s a bit too thick for my liking. The whole wheat tortillas turn out crunchy after 20 minutes in the oven, giving the entire pizza a nice thin-crust crunch.

Neither of us are ready to cook for a larger number of people yet, able to feed only ourselves for now. Next time, we’re looking to try our hand at making Chinese food. That’ll be a pretty interesting challenge to take on. Do any of you have great recipes you can share? Please let me know about it so I can get some practice in before our next get-together!

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