Egg white omelette

I love smashing an egg yolk and seeing it pour over my garlic fried rice, but the egg white is actually my favorite part of an egg. This morning, I decided to play around the kitchen and make myself an egg white omelette.


egg whites from four eggs
one red bell pepper
half a small white onion
one clove of garlic
cheese cut into cubes

I cubed the bell pepper and the onion, then minced the garlic. I then tossed them around in a pan with heated unsalted butter for a few minutes, and set them aside. After pouring in a small bit of canola oil in the pan, I poured the egg whites in and let it cook for a short while, then when it was nice and done, I dished it onto a plate and scattered the bell pepper, onion, garlic, parsley, and cubed cheese on one side of the egg whites…

Egg white omelette

…folded it in half…

Egg white omelette

…and voila! a nice, hefty meal.

Egg white omelette with croissant

And above is my complete breakfast, the omelette paired with a croissant from The French Baker. Interestingly, their croissants nowadays are much bigger than they used to be.

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