Enchanted Farm Cafe

Tj and I ate at Enchanted Farm Cafe last week right before watching The Avengers. We’ve been seeing it for a while, but it took us some time to make our way to the restaurant. It’s located in the new building housing the Human Nature flagship store. We liked what we saw inside: nice, cozy, and clean.

Inside Enchanted Farm Cafe

The shelves you’ll see on the right side upon entering the restaurant features a number of products for sale, including journals by Jacinto and Lirio. The shelves on the counter contain some fresh herbs and Café de Sug Sulu Coffee for sale as well. Further in, you’ll also see more information about Gawad Kalinga and their livelihood projects.

Not having eaten duck before, Tj wanted to have duck flakes for lunch, but the dish wasn’t available that day, so he went with two pieces of Hamlet pork patties with rice (P150). The pork is organic, and quite tasty too. I figured it would be nice if Enchanted Farm Cafe would make brown rice or red rice an option in the future.

Enchanted Farm Cafe, Hamlet patties with rice

I went with the Enchanted Burger (P150), which contained 80% veggies and 20% Hamlet pork.
Enchanted Farm Cafe, Enchanted Burger

I found it yummy and interesting as well. The burger tasted meaty enough to make me wonder why bits of the patty were green until I realized, “Oh yeah! Veggies.” What my burger lacked? Cheese. According to this picture, it should come with a hefty hunk of white cheese. I ordered some Enchantea for my drink, which tasted wonderfully of lemongrass.

We really liked how the place made an effort to be eco-friendly. The plastic utensils appeared to be the type that was made from corn, and the glass for the iced tea look like former Lady’s Choice mayonnaise bottles. We’re certainly looking forward to Enchanted Farm Cafe having a more expanded menu in the future.

Enchanted Farm Cafe
Address: Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mobile: 09328722427
E-mail: enchantedfarm.cafe(at)gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EnchantedFarmCafe

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