Food Camp

Food Camp, located along Katipunan Avenue beside the first branch of Banapple, serves really excellent burgers. I usually put our verdict at the end of our posts but the place is so damn awesome that I just can’t contain all the love I’m feeling for it.

For our first visit, Lynn and I decided to order their house favorites – the Mozzarella Bombs (P99) for our appetizer and the Bravo (P220 for the double patty version) and Charlie (P175) burgers for our main course. Let’s begin this gastronomic journey with their appetizer, shall we?

To be frank, we were expecting little breaded mozzarella sticks to be served. So imagine our surprise when the Mozzarella Bombs came: five pieces of hefty, golden brown, mozzarella sticks of appetizing goodness. There’s a garlic dip and a salsa dip served with it that nicely complement the mozzarella cheese, but I personally enjoy eating it as is.

Then Lynn’s burger came: Charlie. Its highlight is its mozzarella-filled burger patty, but the cheese didn’t overwhelm the taste of the burger. Lynn did say she wished the buns were toasted to make them more sturdy, though, since the patty was a bit too substantial for the two untoasted pieces of bread to cope with.

My double-patty Bravo burger was served last. I have a good idea of the size of their burgers based on Lynn’s order but I was still shocked when I saw how huge my order was. Placed between the buns were two flame-grilled beef patties a third of a pound each topped with cheese, lettuce, garlic, tomato, mushroom, and strips of bacon; it was a sight to behold. The best thing is that it tastes as good as it looks. It tastes like proper burgers ought to taste, to use a reworked line from Marv in Sin City.

Both of our orders didn’t have any ketchup, mayonnaise, or any extra dressings to sully the taste of their beef patty. We believe that the best burgers are the ones that need no extra sauce to make it taste good and Food Camp’s burgers taste good on their own.

Anyway, it’s only our first visit in Food Camp but we already count it among our most favorite eating places. They do serve some of the best burgers in town without burning a hole through your wallet. There are still quite a number of things we like to try on their menu, so expect to hear more about them soon.

Food Camp Burgers and Sandwiches

Address: 225 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge Quezon City
Landmark: Beside Banapple
Phone: 440-7528
Web: Food Camp on Facebook

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