FOOD FIGHT! Mang Juan’s vs Marty’s Chicharon

Today I’m opening two bags of chips to figure out which is the better, dubiously “healthier”, alternative to the good ol’ pork chicharon – Jack ‘n Jill’s Chicharron ni Mang Juan or Oishi’s Marty’s Cracklin’.


I’m really surprised that both companies did a pretty good job of capturing the chicharon’s look, texture, and flavour for their respective products. It’s pretty hard to believe but both products are actually almost as good as the real thing. Admittedly, they will never reach the level of greatness of good ol’ pork chicharon, but as far as alternatives go, these wannabe chicharons deliver.

Both Marty’s and Mang Juan’s come in salty vinegar-doused and spicy varieties. But Marty’s has a plain salted flavour for those who like their chips simple.

Both are priced under P20 but Mang Juan’s is almost always a peso cheaper than Marty’s.

They are as ubiquitous as the social problems that plague our country. Both are available at your favourite grocery stores and suking tindahan!

Frankly, I can’t conclusively say that one brand is better than the other as both chips look and taste the same. Hell, based on the ingredients listed on the back of their respective packaging, you might think that they were made by the same company. They’re both good, though, so that’s not really a problem.

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