Grilled Tomato

Grilled Tomato serves Turkish, Indian, and Greek cuisine. Well, almost Turkish, almost Indian, and almost Greek meals.

The food they serve are by no means terrible and with their price you really can’t complain. File any “it tastes bleah” or any of its variations under “unwarranted ramblings of a miserly foodie brooding over a cheap 90-peso meal” since the food tastes ok anyway.

Turkish, Indian, and Greek food have a characteristic taste; a delightful explosion of flavor of herbs and spices to most people and the taste of armpits to some. Grilled Tomato’s meals lack this explode-y, armpit-y taste. Instead of having your taste buds assaulted with flavor, it gets gently tapped from time to time.

I ordered their Beef Keema (P90) or what I would like to simply call ground beef. If I paid more than P90 pesos for this meal, I’d have gone ballistic. But at P90 with buttered rice and iced tea, it’s acceptable. Just douse the ground beef with the garlic sauce they provided to add flavor.

I also ordered their Chicken Gyro (P60) to sample the other items on their menu. It tastes ok. I really wish I can say more about it, but “ok” really sums my feelings for it. Don’t forget to cover it with garlic or chili sauce.

Lynn ordered their Beef Kabab (P110) with a side of grilled onions. It looked weird; fried suman-like in appearance and almost as bland in taste. It’s pretty ok according to her. Far from the best but pretty good especially if you’re hungry.

Beef kebabs from Grilled Tomato

Overall, Grilled Tomato is ok. It’s hard to recommend it to those looking for authentic-tasting Middle Eastern, Indian, or Greek food. But for those simply looking for a cheap place to eat in, Grilled Tomato is fine.

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