Heat and eat: Our Kitchen

Since Almost Gourmet stopped serving packed lunches for delivery, I’ve been…sad. I’ve been asking similar food delivery services if they deliver to my area, and usually, the answer is no. Good thing I finally decided to check out Our Kitchen along Examiner Street in Quezon City. I’ve been seeing their place for a long time and always wanted to know what they offered, and I’m glad I dropped by. I picked up this nifty little package of beef with mushroom, good for two people and priced nicely at P170.

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

Our Kitchen, Beef with Mushrooms

All you need to do is just pop the bowl in the microwave and you’ve got a hot meal. The food tastes nice and fresh, and the serving is just right. This is absolutely wonderful for people who have no time to cook and don’t want to go for fast food.

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