If it worked for crepes…

Two of Lynn’s sisters each gave me a jar of Nutella; one was a 371 gram jar and the other was a whopping 750 gram monstrosity (a super yummy monstrosity). That’s a little over a kilogram of chocolaty goodness lurking in our kitchen. *wipes tears from his eyes*

Anyway, while my preferred method of eating Nutella is straight out of the jar with my finger (or with a spoon, if I’m feeling adult and classy), I decided to try something out today:


I once had a Nutella-covered crepe, so, why not spread Nutella on pancakes? Pancakes are just really, really, really fat crepes anyway.


To my surprise, Nutella agrees with my favorite pancake mix: Maya. So, yahoo! Instant tasty breakfast. Wonder where I’ll put Nutella next. Hmmmm. =)

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