Johnny Rockets

We often pass by Johnny Rockets (be it in Robinsons Galleria or Tomas Morato) but we never really seriously planned on visiting it. Reviews have been mixed, with some people raving about the place and a few saying that it’s nothing special. We ended up there anyway a couple of days ago. The promise of free-flowing fries was oddly enticing.

We were greeted by a cheerful chorus of welcomes upon entering the Tomas Morato branch and immediately commandeered a booth. Menus were plunked down in front of us and the selections presented themselves invitingly; the menu was crammed with burgers, of course, some sandwiches, chicken wings, hotdogs, fries, and shakes–typical burger place fare, in fact.

After some deliberation, we decided on getting the St. Louis and the Bacon Cheese Single (both priced at P395), along with a bottomless glass of Coke (P110) and a chocolate milkshake (P215). The meal took about 15 minutes to get to our table, during which the crew broke out into a dance to Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration.” Not very 1950s, but oh well.

When our drinks came with a plate of fries, my initial disgust with the seemingly overpriced food pretty much dissipated – the soda glass was huge, the shake was thick and creamy, and the fries were hefty.

Our burgers came a few minutes later with even more fries. Upon seeing the properly cooked bacon on our orders, we both knew we’re in for something wonderful.

The burgers were fantastic – the patties were juicy and nicely cooked. The bacon strips were crispy as well, a nice surprise considering how local food place don’t respect bacon at all, never frying them to a crisp and serving them like lifeless slices of lard. The caramelized onions in the St. Louis burger were especially good, and it’s great to find a burger wherein you can distinctly taste each of the ingredients. Oh, and the pickle they use is awesomely sweet and juicy. We really love burgers that don’t need obscene amounts of ketchup or mayo or secret sauce to taste good.

Oh yeah, the in-house clown also came by our table and created two balloon sculptures: a pink flower and a little blue dog.

While we may not visit Johnny Rockets any time soon, we’ll definitely come back someday when we have money to spare. Their food prices may be a little steep especially for those on a budget, but the damn place does serve food worth spending on.

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