Kiwi iced tea from Serenitea

So we’re a little late in the game, but we finally had a chance to go to Serenitea near Banawe Avenue last week. It’s our first visit ever, so we’re not ashamed to admit that we had no idea how to order when we stepped up to the counter, so I just ended up choosing what looked like a safe option: Kiwi Iced Tea (P125). Then the girl at the counter asked about my sugar level preference, to which I stared blankly. “I mean the percentage of sweetness you want your tea to have, ma’am,” she explained patiently. Like a total doofus, I scratched my head and said, “Uh…50-50, please?” That must not have been a wrong answer since I paid and was told to await my order.

Kiwi Iced Tea from Serenitea

The glass of iced tea pretty much surprised us when it finally came out–thing was huge, but it looked nice and refreshing enough. Taking a sip was a bit of a shock; it was completely, utterly flavorful, and something about the taste reminded both me and Tj of…sampaguita garlands and kalachuchi (frangipani and plumeria to the rest of the world). It wasn’t unpleasant but it was a shocking burst of flavor, and would probably have had less of an impact if there were more ice, I daresay. The contents at the bottom also included bits of jelly, which added a nice bit of texture, but which the iced tea itself could have done without. Even with the flowery taste of my first Serenitea purchase, however, I’d still definitely go back and try another drink.

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