Last night’s dinner: pasta salad and sort-of French onion toast

I will be the first to say that there’s really nothing special about the pasta salad I made. It just contained a load of lettuce, arugula, a mixture of farfalle and whole wheat penne, tomatoes, olive oil, cheese, and blue cheese dressing. Pretty good stuff, and I look forward to trying out different pasta salad recipes soon.

Pasta salad

The toast that accompanied the salad was inspired by the French Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Portuguese Girl Cooks.

French onion toast

I sliced up a few pieces of whole wheat baguette and dabbed on some butter. I then cut up a small red onion, heated butter in a pan, tossed the onion in, then liberally doused it with red wine and beef broth. After cooking, I spooned the onion onto the bread and topped it with gruyere. The whole thing was toasted in the oven toaster for a few minutes, and out came some really pretty tasty toast.

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