Maizie’s Tea Room

After a visit to Maizie’s Tea Room in Fishkill, New York, my sisters were telling me that they absolutely had to take me there. Fortunately, we got a chance to go there for tea yesterday. The place definitely looks cozy and charming, and is the perfect venue for afternoon chats with friends and family, bridal showers, and basically any intimate gathering you can think of.

Maizie's Tea Room

The interior was done up in fall-themed decorations, just right for the season. I’d love to see how the whole place looks during different times of the year.

Maizie's Tea Room, interior

Maizie's Tea Room, interior

Each of us ordered our own teas, and tea sandwiches and scones were part of the package as well. I love how none of the teapots matched–it gives the table setting more character.

Maizie's Tea Room, teapots

Maizie's Tea Room, Blue Eyes tea

I had the Blue Eyes tea, described as a fruit tea sweetened with caramel with apple and peach mixed in. My sisters each had the Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose, which is green tea with a cherry and morning rose flavor, and a tea with an apple and cinnamon flavor, a special flavor created for the fall season. My brother-in-law chose the Lady Londonberry, which is flavored with strawberries and lemon. I had a taste of the other teas my family ordered and it’s really hard to say which one’s the best–they’re all fragrant and very flavorful, and I expect the other teas on the menu are just as good.

Maizie's Tea Room, scones

Maizie's Tea Room, tea sandwiches

Afternoon tea isn’t complete without scones and tea sandwiches, and even the scones were given a fall flavor. We had the apple-cinnamon and pumpkin raisin scones, which were served with cream and raspberry preserves. The tea sandwiches available included turkey and cranberry, cucumber with cream cheese, seafood salad, marinated tomato, and strawberry with cream. You wouldn’t think tea, scones, and sandwiches would fill you up, but we were definitely satisfied at the end of the meal.

Jen, the friendly and pleasant proprietress of Maizie’s Tea Room, was on hand to welcome and serve guests. Jen’s mom Sandy is the co-owner of Maizie’s, and she was there as well preparing the food and whipping up something different for the season. The two of them definitely help make Maizie’s Tea Room the warm and cheerful place that it is, and I really have to applaud them for their tasty concoctions.

Maizie’s Tea Room
Address: 1129 Main St., Fishkill, New York
Phone: (845) 8964103, (845) 7021334
Facebook: Maizie’s Tea Room

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