McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty

We’ve noticed a steady decline in “beefiness” in McDonald’s burger patties, especially in the Quarter Pounder and the Big Mac, over the years and it is one of the reasons why Lynn and I don’t munch in McDonald’s as much these days. Well, that and the fact that there are now a ton of better burger joints around. Still, we come back from time to time probably just because we grew up eating McDonald’s and want to give it a chance to redeem itself, hoping things have improved. So, when we found out about the Big N’ Tasty, we decided to give it a try.

McDonald's Big N' Tasty

The Big N’ Tasty is McDonald’s answer to BK’s Whopper. To me, though, it’s like the love child of the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder:

McDonald's Big N' Tasty

Yup, those two did some freaky things in the kitchen alright and that slice of tomato is really just their last-ditch effort to try to cover up the fruit of their unholy union. The patty tastes like that of the Quarter Pounder of old and the toppings taste exactly like that of the Big Mac. It’s not really a bad thing as there’s finally a clear option if you can’t decide whether you want a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac; you get the best of both worlds!

While the Big N’ Tasty isn’t really a huge deviation from the established McDonald’s menu, it’s still a pretty welcome addition. Hey, at least there’s something new to choose in their menu. This is as good as it gets for fast food burgers.

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