Memory Lane, Tagaytay City

My mother and I have been planning to head down to Memory Lane in Tagaytay City for a while now, and only got the chance to do so yesterday. It’s already been featured in a lot of magazines and blogs, being owned by the family of Filipino celebrity Jolina Magdangal, but hey, it was nice to head over and see it for ourselves. It was easy enough to get there; go around the rotunda and turn off to Aguinaldo Highway, going straight then turning right onto Magallanes Drive, which is easy enough to spot with Magallanes Square on the corner. Go down Magallanes Drive, where you will pass by the barangay hall, Brahma Kumaris–you know what? Just take a look at Memory Lane’s location map.

We were greeted by a nice and cozy sight.

Memory Lane, Tagaytay
The inside wasn’t bad either; Perry Como’s music was playing at the time, to go along with the oldies-inspired decor and trinkets. The inside of Memory Lane was a bit smaller than I expected, with several tables that tend to fill up quite quickly with guests. There were tables outside which could seat guests as well.

Inside Memory Lane, Tagaytay
Inside Memory Lane, Tagaytay


The counter of Memory Lane, Tagaytay

Jun and Paulette Magdangal (that’s the mom in the first interior shot above, standing) were hopping from table to table to chat with guests, and they came over to ours while we were waiting for our food. We ended up talking to them for a few minutes and they shared how Memory Lane was originally intended to be a small cafe, until guests started looking for proper meals. Our first orders came after a while: Chicken and Ham Macaroni Soup (P98) and Creamy Macaroni Salad (P145).

Chicken and ham macaroni soup and creamy macaroni salad, Memory Lane, Tagaytay

My mother was pretty happy with her soup, which according to her was quite hearty. I was the one who polished off most of the salad, which was surprisingly sweet. Minutes later, our meals came. We had Spicy Salpicao (P375), which I have to say wasn’t all that spicy, but had a flavorful sauce,

Spicy Salpicao, Memory Lane, Tagaytay
and Fish and Chips (P395), which featured enormous fish fillets accompanied by long and thin fries which weren’t greasy.

Fish and Chips, Memory Lane, Tagaytay

It was simple, basic food, a bit different from the meals served up by other Tagaytay restaurants tucked away on quiet streets. Mrs. Magdangal shared that most of the items on the menu were family favorites; the spaghetti with meat sauce and mushrooms, for example, came from a recipe created by her late aunt. Overall, I’d say Memory Lane makes for a pretty nice stop in Tagaytay, great for families and groups of friends who need to hang out someplace far away from the ongoing development sprawl in the city.

Memory Lane
Address: Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City
Phone: 09178581950/09228298487
Web: Memory Lane on Facebook

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