Misty Lodge and Cafe, Sagada

I don’t remember how I first heard about Misty Lodge and Café, just that it immediately struck me as such a pretty, cozy place. It was on top of my list of potential Sagada lodging options, but we ended up booking our stay with Kanip-Aw Pines Lodge. Still, I vowed to eat at Misty Lodge because good gods, the pictures of their burgers, pizza, and breakfast dishes are simply mouthwatering. Misty Lodge is located about 2 km from the town proper and is probably best for visitors who brought their own vehicles. Still, the place is worth the walk because of the food and its pretty appearance. It was all done up for Valentine’s when we were there.

Misty Lodge and Cafe, Sagada

Misty Lodge and Cafe, Sagada

The morning of our second day in Sagada was, to put it mildly, exhausting because we successfully hiked up to Marlboro Country without a guide, a map, or any idea where we were going. That’s why we felt fully justified in ordering as much food as we wanted at Misty Lodge. I had ginger tea (P25) for my drink and TJ ordered iced tea (P25). And then the menu got us all confused because everything looked good. I settled for the omelet (P125), which contains tomatoes, spices, and cheese and comes with pandesal, and TJ ordered the cream cheese burger (P185).

Misty Lodge and Cafe, omelette

Misty Lodge and Cafe, Cream Cheese burger

I then figured that the omelet wouldn’t be enough because I was hungry, so I ordered waffles with blueberry preserves (P120).

Misty Lodge and Cafe, waffles with blueberry preserves

Boy, did that meal hit the spot. The burger was delightfully beefy and well cooked, and my omelet was rich and tasty and the tomatoes were so sweet. The blueberry preserves were nice, too, something different from the usual maple or pancake syrup. Tj and I both had a cup of hot tablea (P45) after our meal.

As with Yoghurt House, one visit to Misty Lodge isn’t enough, so we headed back there on our third day. TJ had the Bacon Lovers burger (P190) and I ordered the Bacon Hawaiian pizza (P215) for us to share, and we had the garden salad (P135) for our appetizer.

Misty Lodge and Cafe, Bacon Lovers burger

Misty Lodge and Cafe, Bacon Hawaiian pizza

Misty Lodge and Café definitely did not disappoint, and it’s too bad that we didn’t have enough days in our vacation to allow us to sample more of their food. It might seem a bit out of the way for those who are staying in the town proper, but the food is worth it. And hey, the walk will do you good and help you work up a hefty appetite by the time you get to Misty.

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