New Zealand Natural

New Zealand Natural, SM Fairview
Tj and I saw this branch of New Zealand Natural open up  in SM Fairview a few weeks ago. From afar, we thought it was a booth promoting New Zealand tourism. Then we realized it was an ice cream place. Little tidbit I picked up during a quiz night I attended last week: New Zealand consumes the most ice cream per capita than any other country in the world. Cool.

We had a big meal this afternoon, but fortunately, I still had room for dessert, and New Zealand Natural was there, waiting for me.

New Zealand Natural, English Toffee

I ordered a kiddie cup of English Toffee (P75), and I was marvelously pleased with it. A little too sweet, but what can you expect with toffee? The ice cream really was very creamy, and I’m looking forward to sampling all the other flavors, like chocolate and Spotty Dog. New Zealand Natural could very well be one of my new favorite ice cream places.

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