Our second Sunday at Mercato Centrale

We’ve heard about Mercato Centrale a while ago, but it’s only last week when we finally made our way there, and we liked it so much we went back yesterday. Now we’ve only visited Mercato Centrale twice but I can honestly say that we absolutely love the place. Who can say no to good food and fresh produce? Not to mention the excellent cakes, pies, and desserts you can find–I’m partial to the carrot cakes sold by MedChef.

With a wide variety of sellers and vendors to choose from, you’re bound to find something that will satiate your craving.

Or, find something else to crave for, like the yummy little quiches sold by Simply Pie. We ended up buying three spinach, feta, and tomato quiches for P36 each, and plan on getting a couple of chicken dijon pies next time. We even found a beef and San Mig Light pie, a local version of the English steak and ale pie by Tina’s Pie Outlet, which Lynn has been looking for.

The real fun part? Mercato Centrale has a rotating set of merchandisers that keep things fresh and interesting each week for their visitors. This Sunday, we saw a stall featuring Baked By Anita products, which we didn’t see last Sunday.

On top of that, the people are warm and inviting. You don’t get that friendly vibe in a grocery store’s now seemingly cold, cold aisles.

Overall, we can definitely say that Mercato Centrale is a delightful place to spend your weekends in – even people with the slightest affinity for food will enjoy the place. Perhaps next time, we’ll have a go at any of the food places in the grilling area–Chuck’s Grubberie, steamed cheeseburgers, and ostrich meat certainly sound tempting.

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