Random chicken stir-fry dish for lunch

Chicken stir-fry with tofu and bean sprouts
Since I mostly just cook for myself (Tj’s the one who’s capable of cooking for other people), I don’t really think about how my meals end up looking, so you’ll note that the stir-fry isn’t the best-looking dish out there. However, it’s a nice and tasty little creation, and it’s easy to do, too.


sliced chicken
nice, firm tofu, cut into little squares
togue or bean sprouts
garlic, minced

You can add other vegetables like bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, onions–whatever takes your fancy.

I don’t measure ingredients when I cook and just toss things together, wondering aloud if the food looks done and just taking the whole thing out when I feel it’s done. If you’re more methodical than I am, then kudos to you, I wish I were more like you.

So for this particular dish, I heated vegetable oil spread (use canola oil or any other ingredient if you like) and tossed in the garlic, followed by the chicken, then the tofu. Sprinkle in a lot of pepper, as I do, and a quick dash of salt (I’ve only started using salt recently, and even then, I do so with some hesitation). Toss them around in the pan and drizzle with some soy-based or sesame-based dressing of your choice. In this case, I used Almost Gourmet‘s Honey Sesame dressing–you can get all three of their dressings for P330. After a few minutes, throw in the bean sprouts. You don’t want to leave them in the heat for too long or they’ll wilt.

Et voila! Lunch is served (and this could be dinner as well since I made a little too much). Serve over a bed of sautéed cabbages or brown or red rice. Dig in.

2 thoughts on “Random chicken stir-fry dish for lunch

  1. Oo pretty blog! And this stir fry looks delicious! Stir fry doesn’t lend itself to any photography, I think, but I think you photographed it very nicely 🙂

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