SOFT OPENING REVIEW: GrandMomma’s Kitchen

My mother and I went to Il Terrazzo yesterday with the intention to have late lunch at Banapple on the second floor. But on our way, we spotted an attractive little place with a countryish look, right next to Jack’s Loft. The place is called GrandMomma’s Kitchen, and they’re so new that they only opened December 14. The thing about visiting a restaurant while it’s still on soft opening is that you need to manage your expectations. You can’t expect everything to be perfect yet, and the place has yet to hit its stride. The servers would still be a bit nervous and overwhelmed, but you can be sure that they’re doing their best to attend to your needs and ensure that they have your orders down exactly.

Anyway, the interior of GrandMomma’s Kitchen is simple but cozy, with all the usual elements that evoke “country-style kitchen”: wooden walls quirky accessories, tables made out of distressed wood, the works.

GrandMomma's Kitchen, Il Terrazzo, interior

My mother ordered the Old-Fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce (P255), and I decided to get GrandMomma’s Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy (P410), choosing country biscuits (it was served with honey) as my side. I just have to say that I’m really glad to find a place that serves biscuits, because there aren’t enough of them here.

GrandMomma's Kitchen, Il Terrazzo, Old-Fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce

GrandMomma's Kitchen, Il Terrazzo, GrandMomma's Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy

My mother found the pork chop and the applesauce tasty, although she said she would have liked the meat to be a bit more tender. My roast beef, on the other hand, was good, although I was stunned at all the globs of fat that came with it; I arranged the meat so the fat isn’t too visible in the picture. Perhaps next time I’ll ask if they can make it without so much fat; I needed to strip away the fat before I can get at the meat. Also, the gravy lacked mushrooms, and gravy hounds might think that the amount is insufficient given the available meat. All in all, it amounted to a pretty good meal.

We’ll definitely come back to GrandMomma’s Kitchen after some time to see how much they’ve improved, but what I saw today was nice, pleasing, and satisfying, so I can only expect them to get even better. I’m really looking forward to trying their Tomato Basil Soup and any of their sandwiches.

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