Sunrise Buckets

San Juan is teeming with eating places – if we were any closer to that city, we would’ve been several more pounds heavier by now. Anyway, Lynn dragged me to Sunrise Buckets in Madison Square, Greenhills a few days back for lunch by the beach…

Well, not really. But Sunrise Buckets does a pretty good job in creating a pretty surf-y atmosphere for their shop. From the posters to the surfboard decors, they got the feel right even without the surf and sand. The reggae music completes the island vibe.

It’s a decent-sized eating place but it can get a little cramped as other people come in. Still there’s enough room to move around even with a lot of people as the tables are nicely spaced. There was a birthday party being held when we visited so we think it’s safe to say that the place can accommodate quite a number of people comfortably even on a really busy day.

Moving on, the first thing we noticed about Sunrise Buckets’ menu is that they serve chicken – lots and lots of chicken. They offer a variety of flavors for their chicken and the sheer number of choices can get overwhelming – but we’re not complaining!

They also offer quite a number of appetizers, rice meals, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Their drinks selection is not too shabby either. So, yeah, there’s food for everyone.

Lynn ordered a half-pound of Real American Buffalo Wings (which comes in mild, hot, and extra hot; Lynn chose the hot variety), which consisted of five wings served in a tiny bucket.

Sunrise Buckets, Real American Buffalo Wings

Her order was good – a little on the sweet rather than the spicy side, but they’re still legitimate buffalo wings. If you can’t handle spicy food, but you’re craving buffalo wings, then this is perfect for you. If you’re looking for something spicier, then the extra hot version might be just right. Lynn also noticed that the flavor was concentrated mainly on the skin and didn’t really seep through to the actual meat, making the chicken fairly run-of-the-mill and not as juicy as we’d like it to be. Overall, however, these wings were pretty decent. We’d still go back to try out the other flavors, of course.

Sunrise Buckets, Real American Buffalo Wings

I ordered something I’m quite familiar with, Jack Daniel’s Pork Chops, just to sample some of the other things they have to offer.

Sunrise Buckets, Jack Daniel's Pork Chops

My meal was pretty good and, as a matter of fact, I really liked it. It was adequately sized, it was nicely cooked (the pork chop was pretty juicy and quite tender), and, like Lynn’s order, it was served quickly. The only thing that surprised me was that my pork chops packed quite a punch – you can really taste the whiskey on the meat. A little too alcoholic for my taste but not enough to prevent me from enjoying my meal.

Sunrise Buckets, Jack Daniel's Pork Chops

Last, but not the least, is the Jalapeño Nachos Overload…

Sunrise Buckets, Jalapeño Nachos Overload

Man, when I saw them on another customer’s table, I just had to order them too. They looked so invitingly delicious. Were they any good? Yeah, they’re pretty good – just look at the size of those jalapeño slices! I’ve yet to find an eating place with the proper ratio of nachos to cheese/salsa/ground beef, but our order was satisfying.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Sunrise Buckets. The food they serve, based on our orders, are good and competitively priced. The sheer number of items on their menu ensures that customers who enjoyed their first visit will have something to look forward for their next trip. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a laidback atmosphere and a beach-like feel, complete with good food, then Sunrise Buckets is the perfect place.

Sunrise Buckets
Address: Ground Level, Madison Square
Madison St. cor. Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan
Phone: 477-7636

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