Surviving the Jackfruit Aftermath

Langka (jackfruit) season’s here and the unmistakable scent of freshly peeled langka fills the air in our home.

Langka/Jackfruit Photo

Langka/Jackfruit Photo

But I’m not here to talk about the langka‘s awesomeness. Downing these bad boys like there’s no tomorrow is the easy part. It’s peeling the fruit that will give you nightmares. Specifically, the gooey aftermath. Anyone who ever tried to peel one knows what I’m talking about. Your precious soap won’t help you this time, puny human.

Anyway, the solution for this problem is surprisingly simple: cooking oil. God bless my mum for knowing what to do when my hands are too sticky with fruit goo to allow me to google solutions.

Cooking oil works either pre or post fruit slicing. Coating your hands and utensils with oil will give you an easier time as you slice your way to glory. Or use cooking oil to clean your hands and utensils after the gooey war you just finished. Either way, keep cooking oil close when you peel a jackfruit! All that’s left is the enjoyment of the fruit.

Have a nice meal!

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