The Burger Project

The Burger Project has been around for quite some time now but we only got to visit it recently because parking isn’t easy to find in their area of operations.

Anyway, for those who still don’t know about it, The Burger Project is a little dining place where they let you design your own burger. Choose from their selection of patties, buns, toppings, and sauces to create the burger of your dreams.

For our first visit, I chose their Angus beef patty (P125) and topped it with a slice of Gruyere cheese (P35), caramelized onions (P25), sautéed mixed mushrooms (P20), lettuce (free), tomatoes (free), pickles (free), slathered with their garlic sauce (P15) then sandwiched between two regular sesame seed sprinkled buns (free). By the time my order came, the place was filled with customers so you’ll have to settle with this rather plain shot of my creation…

The Burger Project

While not terribly unique or adventurous, I love how my burger turned out. The Burger Project’s trimmings actually taste good and they didn’t skimp on the servings either; my burger was filled with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. However, I was a little disappointed with the way my burger patty was cooked – a little rushed, a little undercooked. It wasn’t enough to prevent me from enjoying it, though, but I do hope they take more care in cooking their patties. The patty is the heart of the burger and they really ought to treat it well.

Still, we enjoyed eating in The Burger Project. Their create-your-own burger idea is fantastic and their ready-made designer burgers seem to be worth checking out. We’ll definitely come back again in the future…if we can find parking.

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