Yoghurt House, Sagada

After years of thinking and talking about it, we finally made it to Sagada last week. I was really looking forward to it, what with all its sights and the food, which is just as celebrated as the town itself. Tj’s been talking about Yoghurt House for years, so naturally that was on top of our list of eating places.

Yoghurt House is ridiculously easy to spot. Just keep heading down the road after you pass the Sagada Municipal Hall; you’ll spot it on the right side of the road.

Yoghurt House, Sagada

Because we were hungry as a result of the long ride from Manila to Banaue to Sagada, we unashamedly ordered lots of food. We had onion rings (P90) for our appetizer.

Yoghurt House, onion rings

I ordered sauteed beef with onion (P200) and Tj had the pan-fried beef (P200):

Yoghurt House, sauteed beef with onions

Yoghurt House, pan-fried beef

The onion rings were pretty huge, and we thought the batter was perfect. I want to say I’d go back just for the onion rings, but the meals themselves were great–enormous portions, tasty beef, ridiculously fresh vegetables, and I love the slice of beet on top.

Naturally, we had to get their yogurt, and we opted for the one with banana, granola, and strawberry preserves (P95, as I recall):

Yoghurt House, yogurt with banana, granola, and strawberry preserves

The yogurt was tart as hell, which makes it absolutely perfect. I was already stuffed at that point, but I couldn’t resist scooping up every spoonful of yogurt.

Of course, one visit to Yoghurt House wouldn’t be enough. On our last day, we headed there after dinner and sat up in the balcony overlooking the street. We had some cheese sticks and a bowl of yogurt with fruits in season (P140): apples, papaya, melon, banana, and mangoes. There was supposed to be some kiwi in there too, but it was noticeably absent.

Yoghurt House, fruits in season yogurt

This was a pretty hefty bowl of yogurt, and all the fruit made it much sweeter–great way to end a meal and a day. I thought our Yoghurt House experience was pretty good. Tj was pleasantly surprised to find that their service is a lot faster now, which shows that they’ve adapted to the needs of tourists. It’s easy to see why the place remains popular among Sagada’s tourists.

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